June 11, 2012

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Love
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That was the date when it started it all.
You and me.
We were strangers.
We were 2 different people in a different crowd and table.
We have a common friend,
She introduced me to you.
The most common way two people meet.
It was the first time in forever
I ever laughed at a very lame joke.
A very pointless conversation that amazed me.

“how can you ever be so effortless to make me laugh?”

It was not even a joke you’re saying.
But i was laughing. So hard to the point of tears.
You got my number, you called me.

You got my attention, I caught yours.
We became friends that easy and it was cool.

I knew back then It was love I have found..

To be continued…20140528-030656-11216901.jpg


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