The agony of the broken soul

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Agony
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“I’ll be waiting for you, I’m one of the lonely hearts…”

Sometimes, when everything seems surreal
I hear my heart speak ethereal words. Only to myself.

I seldom spoke of words that might’ve hurt him, and it was always him I think about.

I disregarded the pain it will cause me and hate him never.

My love for him blinded me. But I cannot see darkness.

The truth was just right there in front of me.

Slapping me, cursing me and who knew.
I was not listening to the teaching of my mind.
It was always him my heart desired.
And now it’s broken.

I was betrayed.
My heart did it to me again,
Not only once or twice.

I feel like a lost soul.
And I don’t exist.

I feel like taken for granted and he loved me never,
He was confused and selfish
And dumb and pathetic.

An a**hole and words to describe the worst person you could ever know.
But I loved him, and my love is pure.

The words to describe him best doesn’t fit for the man I was with like..forever.

He was the only man I only want and I care for anyone never.
I have never looked at someone the way I did to him.

He touched my life and gave it meaning.
He touched my soul and made it grow.

Now I’m becoming so confused, this mix emotions
It’s killing me and I’m close to never-ending this madness I feel for him..

And That I am always IN
And my best bet is always on US.



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