Note to self 1

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Essay, Love, Note to self, Random Thoughts, Writing
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Note to self.

1. Focus on perfection.

“God took his precious time creating you.”
“You have all the qualities a man wants.”
“You are beautiful and everything here on earth looks like you.”

I am overwhelmed. Really.

2. Smile.

“You have the best smile.”
“Smile is your best asset.”
“You smile and I am moved.”

Alright, so much for flattering my heart. These boys can make me smile just by saying I’m cute.

3. Mind over matters.

“Please, make sure next time you’ll fall in love, you are wiser. The next time you accept this wrong person in your life, you’ll get your first decision to leave him be put into waste. You are ok now. Don’t let this knock you out again.”

4. Kids above all things.

This I’ll never forget. My kids are precious and they are my only treasure.
They are the only people I could consider my own.




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