Why we broke up

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Agony, Essay, Journal, Love, Random Thoughts, Relationship, Writing
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My own version of Daniel Handler’s Why we broke up.

If you have read his book “Why we broke up” you’d have an idea.
I am writing this one with a hope, but not limited to an intention, that he’ll read and understand.

Remember when I just followed what you always say what’s best for us?
You didn’t hear me disagree or never did I argue with you. For once I believed it’s what’s best for us.

Then we had a fight.
You left me. You dropped me like I’m a hot piece of shit..
You were always so insecure. You were so selfish, with big ego in your head.

If I get mad, you get madder.
That’s why we broke up.

Remember when we had an out of town, you were with your wife. Before we met her we went out and made love like it’s the first time in forever? We’re with her, that’s usually so awkward, but for the love of us, I endured?

You had me saw how sweet you were or how you were taking care of her, out of guilt or of love, what had you, but you had me saw it and it made my heart broke.

I was not myself. I cried.
You were so insensitive and that is why we broke up.

Remember when she kept checking on my twitter, instagram and tumblr account? You had a break and you were gone for weeks. We gradually see and talk and the next thing I know, you unfriended me on facebook? You were just with me, we even had breakfast in our happy place. You were on my front door. You were so sweet. And the next thing I know, you were gone. And I never knew why.

You were arrogant in your silence and that broke my heart.
That’s why we broke up.

Remember when I said one morning that I realized I can’t go on with this?
You said nothing.

I have given up on you and that’s why we broke up.

For some reason, love has become overrated but I just can’t let you go.


For the nth time, I said I can’t take anymore of your irresponsiveness and arrogance and your insensitivity. And i left.

I did. I fought for you until I can’t fight anymore.
I am leaving no trace of yesterday.

I was unhappy with the decision but I know I will be fine.
You are no good. And again. That’s why we broke up.

I did unwise decision when we were together, but I was able to get myself out of it. I was able to realize that the reasons we had to break up were already the signs that we should break apart.


I will always love him from a distance..In silence, all ways.



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