For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. 1 John 2:16

June 7, 2014

“We are not called to be survivors in this world. We are called to be conquerors.”

“If we let those three things crawl over our existence, we’ll all get victims.”

“Forgiveness doesn’t make you right. It sets you free.”

Make every effort to become like Christ.”

Obedience unlocks God’s power.”


3 Key Elements to a Victorious Life

Our Belief, Our Obedience, Our Faith..


Our God is victorious. You have to believe and have faith in Him. His love can change everything. He will heal us. He will guide us. He will never forsake us.


(I jotted down the quoted ones from the last service, thought I’d share with you.)

How I love to be born again. Ciao


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