The New Nature of Friendship

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Good point. =}

American Vagabond

all_friends-512Iā€™m FriendsĀ with 736 people. Most of whom I havenā€™t seen in something like 25 years. A few Iā€™ve never met. But weā€™re stillĀ friends. How is that possible?

First Friends

Our first friends are chosen for us. We donā€™t have a say in it. OurĀ siblings are our first friends, or maybe the childrenĀ of our parents friends.Ā But we didnā€™t choose them. Your first friendsĀ were the kids your parents inadvertently decided on for you.Ā Thatā€™s how it works when you are a baby. You canā€™t make those decisions for yourself. You are too busy learning to walk and talk and clap. Babies love clapping.

The older we get the more say we have in who is or isnā€™t our friend.Ā WeĀ seeĀ personality traits we like and attempt to become friends with people who share those traits. When I was six I was friends with girls who enjoyed purple as much as I did. Asā€¦

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