The Great Gatsby / F_Scott_Fitzgerald

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Book, Journal, Movie, Random Thoughts, Writing
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If you can’t talk about it, then write about it.

Book Cover”

The Movie”

What I like most about watching a movie captured in New York is that I get to imagine my life in there.

Where unimaginable things happen. The luxurious life. Tall buildings. City lights. The people. I love liberal minds.

There’s just one thing I don’t like.
Since I have seen a lot of movies filmed in here, I learned how a New Yorker leads his life.

They are always out partying like nobody cares if they get drunk.
People are famous for being rich. Girls are well known in a fashionable society.

They don’t look at life the way I see it.
They are rich. They live in a cozy place. They are elegant.

While I prefer to be in Ohio.Or any place beside a beach. A country song. Birds chirping. Farm animals. Fresh air. Tall trees. Green environment.

So, what I like about the movie? It’s not bad. Everything that means luxury isn’t bad at all. It says everything that you can imagine, can happen.

Plus Leonardo Di Caprio is a real man. I lurvvve him.


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