The generations next. 22nd of June, 2014

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For today’s service Brothers and Sisters, We tackled about the next generations. The youth in our present times.

1. Pray for the next generation.
2. Dedicate the next generation to God.
3. Mentor the next generation.

So the picture attached here is my note about todays message. We love to do things our way, little do we know that one of the kids look up to us and may be, just maybe, we influence them. In order for us to have a better future, we always do what works for us.

The kids might be the next politician, the next Doctor, or whatever the endeavor may be, we should consecrate oursleves first before God. Then the next generation will follow our footsteps and be just like us.

I am a mother of 2 and I want them to serve God and have faith so as to move mountains.

I want them to be good and be that as their lifestyle. I want kindness to be their religion and God their hero, their strenght.

I want them to do best in whatever they choose to become someday. I am definitely not a good example. So please help me God.

I will end this message in a prayer.

I pray to you Lord God, my savior, to help me be the best example for everyone to see. Be my eyes when I can’t see rightly. Be my feet when I can’t walk away from evil. Be my mind when I think I cannot get through a battle, remind me that I can and my faith is strong,no one can defeat me. Be my heart when I can’t love the unlovable. Help me forgive. Help me forget. Help me to be strong. I pray this in humility, in faith. I will believe in your will. I will believe in your words. I will live in accordance to Your will. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.


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