Being heartless doesn’t always mean having no heart at all.

Posted: June 26, 2014 in friendship, Journal, Love, Relationship, Writing
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After a while, I get to talk to my “old friend”.

Surprisingly, he kept our old messages. Even the heartbreaking ones.

I was so harsh and I cannot believe I sent those messages to him. He was so nice and good to me. I didn’t know why we fell apart. (Or I guess I didn’t bother to figure out why.)

I was such a terrible liar. You know you are when it’s not your ( thing) hobby.

I only do it to protect things or people from knowing the truth that will crush them.

If it’s gonna hurt. I’d rather not talk about it. Or I’d lie. What is so wrong with me?

The sad part is, we get to talk about it and I don’t know if it’s the moment of truth or confrontation. Or how do you call a conversation that has something to do with your past relationship? Silly.

I forgot all the things I’ve said to him, probably because none of ’em were true.

Either I was trying to ditch get rid of him, or I was just so paranoid.

If there’s one thing. I will never lie again. I was caught red-handed and I don’t wanna be in the same ¬†spot like that again!¬†Such a terrible feeling.

You know when you really wanna explain yourself¬†to him. But you can’t remember anything. I don’t know what to say!¬†Sucks.

I totally lost it.

But at¬†least he’s happy with his life now.

He wouldn’t have found his “girl” if not because of that¬†or¬†if we had done it differently.


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