Bad Poetry Weekend #21: Not Telling The Truth Is Different From Lying

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have always believed in loving you. It was enchanting. It was my moment. Leaving behind the love that I have for you was the hardest.

Prinsesa's Anatomy

i will remember you with my soul clenched

You remember what Dr. House said? “Everybody lies.” But not all lies are created equal.

This is a lovely song to listen to while reading this.

The Words I Would Say II

I lied to you
by saying I see nothing in your eyes
by never admitting it is I and all I ever wanted reflected in them.

I lied to you
by claiming I have accepted we have no future
by denying this debilitating longing for our time together to last the rest of my days.

I lied to you
by arrogantly laughing it off when you told me it will hurt as this breaks even
by making you believe I did not love you.

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