Reunited with WordPress

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Essay, Random Thoughts, Uncategorized, Writing
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Ios8 update didn’t go along well with WordPress. I had to delete and reinstall the application so I can annoy you reading my blogs again.

Anyways. Since I am back.. I have Shortlist of my To Do’s.

I will travel again.
The last time was July and it’s almost the end of the year and I still have no place to go. I am undecided and my budget isn’t cooperating at all.

I will read my nth book.
This year has been tough. I have been loaded with tons of work in the office, I am a mother, and a girlfriend. I have social life and activities, I have an active lifestyle. But these things won’t stop me from reading. Reading has always been part of me.

I will be a good follower of God.

Yes. I am a baby Christian.

I will stop smoking.
I am a baby Christian and I will submit fully. I hope there’s an easy way to break up with vices.

I will spend more time in the library with my two favorite kids.
Yes. I have one favorite seven year old daughter and a favorite four year old son.

All these and more. Ciao.


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