Loving Relationships Survive like Religions

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Journal, Reflection, Relationship, Religion, Uncategorized
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The topic of love is one of our favorite things in the world. This blog nailed it. This blog tells you why love and religion are two of the things that matter in this world.

So as for me. If I don’t know God. I know nothing of love. God must be the center of it all. Ciao.

Chapter TK

Back in my days as a self-proclaimed dating expert (an experience I plan to reflect on this Friday), I wrote a post that has stuck with me through the years on relationships and religion. This particular article focused on how these two seemingly separate aspects of life are in fact very similar. They survive and die based on the same logic. When you think about it, it’s really quite intriguing. No wonder they say God is Love. I promise I’m not crazy. Let me explain.

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