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My father was a soldier. And I grew up in a camp.
I’m more like a country girl.
I’m happy being accompanied by goats and farm animals.
And I talk to carabaos like they understand me.
The smell of cows and their shit in the morning.
The wind that blows fresh air.
That’s the ideal life for me.
Back then we dont really need a lot of money to survive everyday.
I remember my life, waking up to those things.
Climbing up a hill, staring at those beautiful creatures and just breathing in and out.
If you know the value of those things around you. Life and living need not to be so hard.

We choose to live simply and find joy in natures’ simple pleasure.

Living need not to be so hard. Happiness need not to be forsaken. Contentment need not to be chosen.

It should be felt in our hearts because we chose to live the ideal life.


So hey, it’s rest day again. My long wait is over. ( For the days I have been longing since Sunday!) You have no idea.

I have listed the things I will make sure to accomplish.

To watch movies. thank heaven for the movies I downloaded on a website. All HD.

The Book Thief. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t able to watch it on the big screen. Not to mention that I haven’t read the book yet.

Non Stop. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the movie so why not add it. I have it downloaded anyways.

300 Rise of an Empire. I am not a fan of violence or whatsoever but I’m a fan of sexy body. Goodness gracious, that Sullivan Stapleton and his amorous body. So hawt! hot!

Unfaithful. It’s a 2002 movie about married couple. A New York suburban couple’s marriage goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in an adulterous fling. Sounds fun!


That’s about it for my A-List.
I’m still going to read books. On my list: If I stay by Gayle Forman, The Kiss by Daniel Steel.

And maybe that’s just it for now.
I still have a life to live outside my comfort home, I am going to have dinner with friends and family.

Sundays, of all days! I will attend the service. I’m kind of excited because we have a new series. Plus Pastor Jeff never fails to make me so happy, enlightened and fulfilled.



The picture says it all and I cannot agree more.

“No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.” ― Rush Limbaugh

I just found it too good not to share. Truth be told.


Since everyday is a happy day for me and this #100happydays seems legit, I figured I will try.

It’s just a matter of taking chances and applying what you already practiced.

I listed some of the things we need to have a happy heart and happy days.

1. You may have heard many times over but I will say it again. “You have to let go of the things that’s causing you pain. That is easier said than done but what harm can be done in trying?

2. You may have figured it’s a cliche, but this is worth telling anyway. Follow your heart. It will never lead you to nowhere. Go where there is love. Find a crowd where you are celebrated. Join the club where you feel this belongingness. Do things that keeps you on track. Be wherever you can. Be yourself.

3. Free your self from the things that is keeping you to accomplish what you have to. Be self-centered enough that you always make sure you do things for you as long as you are not hurting anyone. Be bold. Be wise. Be lovable. Be the channel of peace and do good.

4. Do what makes you happy. Be excellent. Be known for something you do with integrity.

You may think we are getting close to perfection but if it can’t be done, it shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Happiness is the application of democracy to live.

❤ ❤ ❤

1. Travel

Out of the 5 places listed on my bucket for 2014, I already accomplished 2.
( Palawan, March, 2014 and Baguio, May 2014).

2. Blog

I will travel and blog. How about that?

3. Go back to church and serve God

I am a follower of God and even If I am not always present at church, I always find time to talk and pray.

4. Be active in sports

So I just started playing Lawn Tennis. I’m still in the learning process. It’s hard but I’ll surpass this.

5. Save

This thing is the hardest. I find it so hard to save some money.. Maybe because of my lifestyle. But I shall manage.

6. More time to spend with my kids.

Do I still need to explain? 😛