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Your Booty Call Is Your Best Bud: The Ups And Downs Of F*cking A Friend

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Thank you. We’ll see more this 2015! I wish to grow and have more ideas to share.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

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And then again, I have found something worth sharing.
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He loves your soul.

This one made me believe and hope for something.

He likes you before he likes to look at you.
Your beauty isn’t first for him. It’s something he enjoys, but not something he expects. He sees you as a soul, a counterpart, a person. He doesn’t see you as the object of his desires or the prize he loves to mount in the living room

Maybe right now, I really can’t tell if my man is the right one for me. But when I read articles like this, it makes me hope for our tomorrow. For our future together.


See, that’s the thing about being in a relationship. You always think about the happiness of your partner. I saw this article and it reminded me of yesterday. Hun and I were just talking about this things. Looking back to when we started, it made me realize, we were good without each other. But now that we have each other, we are at our best together.

10 Definitive Ways to tell you are in love with the right someone

I love this relationship because it makes me a better person. – Gab to Ney

What I love about having my alone time is when I get to read short but a very good article I can find in my Facebook Newsfeed.

10 Things a guy would know he’s dating a WOMAN and not a girl.

Right. Just like every woman who needs a MAN,and not a BOY who thinks he already can.


You can read it from here.
9 Signs He’s the guy you should marry

This article made me so happy.
I was thinking about my man the whole time I was reading it.

One, He encourages girls’ night. When I tell him that I am going out with one of my girls, he wouldn’t disagree. He’ll say enjoy.

Two, He could pen your bio. Pillow talk is the best bonding ever. I always love catching up with my man. And I love that he has retentive memory even on small details.

Three, He accepts your social circle. That includes getting along with your girlfriends and not feeling threatened or uncomfortable by your male friends That says it all.

I feel lucky as I go along. What have I done to deserve this man? Moving on, He talks through conflict. He won’t stop until we’re through difficulties. He would be very persistent that we talk about it first before we can drop it so it won’t happen again. (At least he’s not insensitive.)

He’s up for a good chick flick every now and then. We don’t really go to movie theaters plus we’re in a long distance relationship. But it doesn’t stop us from doing things we both love…together. We have this time of day in a week when we watch a movie one suggests. He would make me watch a movie he like and I would ask him to watch a movie I like. Love and Other Drugs is one of the movies he would always talk about. He have watched it three times.

You feel like he’s The One. Yes. I feel like he is the one for me. But I do not believe in marriage. Maybe I can work on that. SOON we’ll find out.

To end this, I just thought I can share the article with you. 🙂