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While everyone is asleep and some rejoicing

Some of my countrymen from the South of the Philippine Islands

Are battling to survive,

Fighting for their lives.

This is a song for you.


No storm is too strong for the one who has faith in Him.

So today, again. Another storm has devastated our poor country.

It was a strong one because of the wind. Here’s one video I got from YouTube.

Wow. I just can’t believe we are unfortunate on this things. I feel so helpless during these times but I never lose hope. Just like every Filipinos.

2:00A.M, In the office..

Seriously, I had to work with this kind of weather condition. I hate to complain about it. What good can it do to me anyways.

I was in the office and I still hear the strong wind crashing everything around us. I took my break and it’s even painful and unbearable to see everything so dark. (Dark, I meant not normal) The place could not get any worse. Trees were blocking streets. No taxis, no jeepneys, no whatever.

Hour after hour, wind blew stronger. Some areas declared they are not passable. I have read on one of the tweets about  zero visibility in the city and I only hear that when I’m up on a mountain summit.

10:00 A.M, In the office. Still..

Ok I’m 15 hours in the office and I’m not happy. I can accept the bad weather condition but I want to stay home with my loved ones. I don’t mind not having power or electricity. But please. Don’t make me wait too long before I can go home.

So I decided to face it. Fearless me, headed out and went home running. Literally speaking, I was running.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Eventually, the rain stopped so as the strong wind. We still don’t have electricity but I’m reporting to work… AGAIN. I feel like I have been here in the office for a while now.

Work mode on. 🙂




Sorry. I am not as good as you are. I’m learning. 🙂