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So there you go.

I mentioned in my last entry that I have resigned officially from work and this is my 2nd day of being officially unemployed. I have watched the movies I missed – thank goodness for torrents. And just now, i just got off the phone ( audio call from Skype), it was an initial interview for online teaching and yea, I passed. I am now scheduled for a technical check of my home office, if I meet their requirement, then I am on for a demonstration. This is the same feeling I got when I first applied for the same post, except of course that now is different because I do not have to be somewhere else but home. Not that I am bothered because I have prepared for this, but God yeah, I want to pass.

I am also waiting for my client interview with one of the top rated website for a home base job. I’m kind of bored and I want to be productive. I don’t want to be busy with non productive things anymore.

Any thoughts?


The best day of my life is today. I must say. Because today, I was able to let myself be freed from something that keeps burdening me.

Not that I am not grateful for my life or my career but there are moments in life when we have to let go of the things that weighs us down.

It was a bit sad and scary at the same time. Sad because for 4 years, I have been working with people I considered my second family and scary because I am not sure of what is going to happen next.

All I know is that, I woke up one day and I just knew right then and there that this is what I want.

Only hoping for the best now.


Gab to Ney: Have you gone to the future?
Ney to Gab: Nope. But I have come to realize that we can only hold on to people for a period of time. Then things happen. It changes everything. The next thing you know, you are done with them. One wins, one loses.

Gab to Ney: Does it always have to be that way, Hun?
Ney to Gab: What Hun?
Gab to Ney: Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to even think one wins and one loses when two people break up?
Ney to Gab: Well. People have different perspective on things and who am I to judge? Sometimes, it’s better to live it at that. So as for us, never, ever suggest a break up no matter how hard it gets sometimes. There’s got to be a way through it, right?

Gab to Ney: Lets put it this way. You were a kid and you had to learn how to brush your teeth. As an amateur, you hit your gums, so hard you had to cry your heart out. But it didn’t stop you from brushing your teeth. Same goes with everything, I guess. I know your mood can get to worst, and you always think and you never stop thinking but it doesn’t stop me from accepting that it is always a part of what I loved about you. It’s your totality. It’s the best and the worst of times hun.

Ney to Gab: You really know how to say things in a way I’d have mental orgasms. And I love you so much for that.


When we look back at it all as I know we will
You and me, wide eyed
I wonder…
Will we really remember how it feels to be this alive?

And I know we have to go
I realize we only get to stay so long
Always have to go back to real lives
Where we belong

What a sad love song. This 9 hour shift bores me today. I don’t know. There are really times when we think we are sad, but I guess emptiness is what we really feel. It’s not necessary, but it just happens.