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Pray for those who persecute you. – Pastor’s Wife

In my weakness,
You help me find
An immaculate remedy.

In my anger,
You help me see

In my down fall,
You help me get back
On my feet

I am not after an exemplary life.
I am after wrapping my mind in
The concepts of healing and salvation.

For in my life,
I was blinded
By fear and anger.

But God has shown me a better way to live.
Fear is now my ally.
Because I fear not the society.

But my redeemer, my God.

Podcast Link here: Love your enemies by Pastor Joey Bonifacio

Happy Sunday! 🙂


Good choice. Good catch. The difference.


MAN: My friend and I had a talk. He said you are a good choice and he likes you for me.

WOMAN: Oh, I would’ve bought it if I really am a good choice for you. In our case, I am only a good catch because you already have made your choice 2 years ago. Need I say more?

MAN: *Sigh*

WOMAN: I am only a good catch, I get it. And you don’t have to say anything. It’s not gonna change it. But I can be a good choice. It only takes a man to figure that one out in a second they lay their eyes on me.

End of Conversation.

For girls, you have to know your self-worth. Do not get stuck digging the grey area in between girl and friend. You should and I will stress out, YOU DESERVE to be called a girlfriend. Do not ever doubt your beauty and you do not need to test how much your heart can hold. You deserve more than that. If not the best.

The message is for all the girls who knows the difference between a good choice and a good catch but does not appreciate that learning at all. Probably, a note to self.

This song is for you.
Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid

And then again, I have found something worth sharing.
You can click on this link to read the most part.

He loves your soul.

This one made me believe and hope for something.

He likes you before he likes to look at you.
Your beauty isn’t first for him. It’s something he enjoys, but not something he expects. He sees you as a soul, a counterpart, a person. He doesn’t see you as the object of his desires or the prize he loves to mount in the living room

Maybe right now, I really can’t tell if my man is the right one for me. But when I read articles like this, it makes me hope for our tomorrow. For our future together.


The topic of love is one of our favorite things in the world. This blog nailed it. This blog tells you why love and religion are two of the things that matter in this world.

So as for me. If I don’t know God. I know nothing of love. God must be the center of it all. Ciao.


On the road. I took this photo as I was headed to Pagbilao, Quezon. Leaving the City proper of Mauban, I was taken aback by this beautiful small community.

Gab to Ney: Have you gone to the future?
Ney to Gab: Nope. But I have come to realize that we can only hold on to people for a period of time. Then things happen. It changes everything. The next thing you know, you are done with them. One wins, one loses.

Gab to Ney: Does it always have to be that way, Hun?
Ney to Gab: What Hun?
Gab to Ney: Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to even think one wins and one loses when two people break up?
Ney to Gab: Well. People have different perspective on things and who am I to judge? Sometimes, it’s better to live it at that. So as for us, never, ever suggest a break up no matter how hard it gets sometimes. There’s got to be a way through it, right?

Gab to Ney: Lets put it this way. You were a kid and you had to learn how to brush your teeth. As an amateur, you hit your gums, so hard you had to cry your heart out. But it didn’t stop you from brushing your teeth. Same goes with everything, I guess. I know your mood can get to worst, and you always think and you never stop thinking but it doesn’t stop me from accepting that it is always a part of what I loved about you. It’s your totality. It’s the best and the worst of times hun.

Ney to Gab: You really know how to say things in a way I’d have mental orgasms. And I love you so much for that.


I find peace when I don’t know what is..

I find hope when I can’t see light.

I find solitude when I am down.


I love life. I have never had a reason to hate it.

I grew up in a changing world.  I am always here and there.

I can’t explain how I can be dependent and independent all the same but that is me.

I love making friends with people but I enjoy my time alone.

I love to hang out in a coffee shop with my notebooks, pen and iPad.

I go shopping alone. I go to church alone. Even when I jog. I prefer to be alone.

It makes me think a lot.  I keep a diary too.

I don’t believe in “Diary is for lonely people..” ( From A Diary of a Nymphomaniac) because I am not.

For me, even if you trust your friend your whole life, they can never be good enough to keep their mouth shut. There are only few who you can trust. But again, not everyone is capable of keeping a secret.

One mistake can totally ruin your everything. Not that I keep secrets a lot about myself.  I am actually an open book. Everyone knows my story. But not every single detail of it.

I remember my teacher in one of our subjects. She discussed about the type of listeners. There’s one “Ambush-er” type of listener. So what they do, they listen and they’ll soon to use the information against you.

I hate those kind of people. I used to be that but then I realized it’s better to keep your mouth shut if you can’t say anything good.

I learned the hard way and I swear I will never be that again. 🙂

I am also a traveler. I actually call myself that because this very journey is traveling in time already. I wander in different places with different faces and I am always open to trying new things out. You will discover a lot about yourself and that’s one good thing about it.

You are a free soul and your capacity will not come to an end.

You just need to figure it out. Ciao 🙂


“We think you’ll find that every woman in her heart of hearts longs for three things: to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil beauty. That’s what makes a woman come alive.”
― John Eldredge, Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul

This book is just referred to me by a friend. I got to a point where I had my patience tested. As a woman, it is acceptable to grieve, or to cry. But to lose faith or lose self-confidence is another story.

No man should ever make a woman feel so weak. And no man should ever make her doubt about herself.

This book is highly recommended especially for those who are learning the art of letting go. It gives you hope and help you heal.

Just simple questions to see how you’ve been doing coping up.

1. Do you still feel like you need to know what’s going on with him?
Do you still check his facebook status? Or do you still wait for him to send a text/email message?

2. How do you feel when you see his name commenting on your friends status? Or how do you feel when you hear his name?

3. Does it bother you so much when people are still associating his name to you?

4. Do you still think he’s going to make it up to you?

If the answer is NO. Congratulations. Moving on is not easy.
We all know that. But we don’t wanna screw ourselves just because we want them back.

Just live your life..

If he’s for you, the universe will conspire to let you be together again..