“We have a long way to go to
being the perfect couple, we certainly don’t live the fairy tale marriage, he
doesn’t shower me with rose petals and fly me to Paris on weekends but
when I get my hair cut, he notices. When I dress up to go out at night, he
compliments me. When I cry, he wipes my tears. When I feel lonely, he
makes me feel loved. And who needs Paris, when you can get a hug?”

I can’t help but smile today.


Your Booty Call Is Your Best Bud: The Ups And Downs Of F*cking A Friend

Here’s the actual link that you can click on: http://elitedaily.com/dating/booty-call-best-bud-pros-cons-fcking-friend/989914/

While reading, you can also listen to this song:

Question: What is the song playing in your iPod right now? 



D’you have a favorite mistake? Or have you ever had a sweetest sin?

Hell yeah. I had a friend who asked. He was asking me yesterday about my theme song right at this very moment. They always think about me being sad because Dan is out of the office. But really. No.

I love this song by Elton John. It means a lot to me. It actually is the right song for “US“.

How about I share the lyrics that best explain it.

“Still I hunger for you when you look at me. That face, those eyes. All the sinful pleasures deep inside..”

Tell me how, you know now, the ways and means of getting in. Underneath my skin,  Oh you were always my original sin. And tell me why, I shudder inside, every time we begin . This dangerous game. Oh you were always my original sin

” A dream will fly, the moment that you open up your eyes. A dream is just a riddle. Ghosts from every corner of your life”

Yeah. BarNey we are and to me,  we are always a remarkable story. 🙂


You’re in love That’s the way it should be ‘Cause I want you to be happy You’re in love And I know that you’re not in love with me Ooh, it’s enough for me to know that you’re in love Now I let you go ‘Cause I know that you’re in love…

What is worse than being second best?

We don’t want that, do we?

Just another classic love song from Wilson Phillips.

I was actually watching Bridesmaids (2011) movie yesterday and I heard one of their songs, Hold On.

I loved it. I browsed on the album, I  found this song.

Good song for a cozy rather than boring morning.

When we look back at it all as I know we will
You and me, wide eyed
I wonder…
Will we really remember how it feels to be this alive?

And I know we have to go
I realize we only get to stay so long
Always have to go back to real lives
Where we belong

What a sad love song. This 9 hour shift bores me today. I don’t know. There are really times when we think we are sad, but I guess emptiness is what we really feel. It’s not necessary, but it just happens.

Nothing hurts like knowing he loves you but he can’t do something about it.

Just another sad love song.

Here’s a little bit of rock music to keep me sane and awake.
What I loved most about Silverstein is that they know exactly what to put in their song.

Here’s a  toast song for the douche bags, and a**holes!

Rock on!

“..And I’ll never be afraid of who I am and who I’m not. Come what may.”

Whoever said that classic is boring is actually the real one who is boring.

Aside from Rock Songs, I always get relaxed by the classic / old songs that has every lyrics of what I really feel.

This song is one of the best especially at this hour. Hello. Who else is awake aside from us who works on a graveyard shift?

What a loser.